Too Kool Cycles develops Harley trike kit

That nose section bodywork hides the leaning mechanism. Photo: Cyril Huze Blog
That nose section bodywork hides the leaning mechanism. Photo: Cyril Huze Blog

We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but three-wheeled motorcycles are growing in popularity.

Of course, the two most popular examples of this technology are the Piaggio MP3 and the Can-Am Spyder. But that may change, with a U.S.-based builder’s new three-wheeled conversion kit for Harley-Davidson tourers we saw over on the Cyril Huze Blog.

There have been plenty of three-wheeled Harley-Davidsons over the years, including Harley’s own Servi-Car machine, but Jim Harrell’s conversion he’s selling under the Too Kool Cycles brand is remarkably different; not only does it replace the front wheel, not the rear wheel, but it also allows the driver to lean the machine into corners.

Harrell started designing this conversion after he was rear-ended at a light on his Harley-Davidson. The accident started him thinking about ways to make it easier for older riders to enjoy riding big cruisers.

Along with its tilting feature, the kit has a couple of other interesting features; it’s supposed to be easily removable, enabling you to put your bike back to its stock conversion in a few hours. And it also has a slow-speed lock on the tilt feature – you don’t have to hold the bike with your legs when you’re at a stop. At speeds of 6 mph or less, the tilt lock stops the bike from flopping over, so you can keep your feet up on the pegs.

Harrell doesn’t have a firm price set for the kit yet, but he’s thinking it will cost between $8,000 and $12,000 U.S., and take 5-7 days to initially install, including paint time.


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