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Big drop under the big top

In show business, performers will tell each other to break a leg – it’s supposed to be good luck. We’re not sure if this is a circus tradition or not, but the rider in this video took the saying to heart. He’s got a broken femur, wrist, elbow and shoulder, but he’s very lucky to be alive.

And, that’s all we’re saying. Watch the video. It sure isn’t funny, but it’s good to know the rider made it through – and says he’s going to ride again.

Ticket to ride

We're not sure, but we think the scene of the crime looked something like this.

Question: If you were a staff member at a narcotics rehab facility, how would you clean your motorcycle?

Well, the answer for one such individual in Malaysia was simple: he didn’t. Instead, he delegated the task to a couple inmates. After all, they had nothing else to do, right?

Wrong. Apparently the two recovering addicts were jonesing for a way to escape, and the motorcycle was their golden ticket to freedom. When the staffer returned to pick up his freshly cleaned bike, he found an empty parking spot, while the two inmates were cruising off into the sunset, metaphorically speaking. And as miserable as it is to have your bike stolen, we can’t help but say it serves him right – what else could he have been expecting?

Authorities are asking the public to keep an eye out for the two men – the only details are that they’re in their 30s, and possibly wearing groovy mustaches while sticking it to The Man (OK, we made that last part up). Moral of the story? Don’t be a lazy bum, clean your own bike, and never give the keys to someone looking for a way to freedom.

Story source: Yahoo

Crime does not pay

Hopefully, the forgotten motorcycle lands the crooks in jail.

Of course, not all bike bandits make such a clean getaway. Consider, for a moment, the case of four Indonesian motorcycle thieves, who recently attacked a restaurant patron in Jakarta, beat him, and rode away on his motorcycle.

It all sounds like a crafty crime, until you hear the rest of the story. Their victim shook off his injuries to ride to the police station to report the crime. How did he get to the station? Why, on the motorcycle that the thieves left behind … turns out the bandits were in such a hurry to take off, they forgot one of their own two-wheelers. Now, it’s in police custody, to be used as evidence against them. Talk about poetic justice!

Story source: Jakarta Post

The Frozen North

Yeah, it’s cold outside. We noticed. And nobody’s doing much riding.

Except of course, the boys at Enduro Alaska. They’ve released a video on YouTube showing you how to crash your bike on a glacier, but we prefer this amusing episode we missed last year, showing the loonies from Alaska riding the Iditarod Trail on a BW350. That’s right, the same trail that’s a world-famous endurance challenge for sled dog racers. Enjoy!

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