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Welcome to Friday Fudge – a weekly round up of the more ‘unusual’ motorcycle related stories that are just too silly to post on their own, but raise a much bigger chortle when you slap them all together and take the piss.

Bond bike stunt offends government

Forget all that nonsense about dead girlfriends - Bond's really brooding because the Indian government won't let him ride a motorcycle on top of a train.

They’re working on another James Bond film these days, but it might not have one of the motorcycle stunts originally written into the script.

The stunt isn’t being reconsidered to shorten the movie or lower expenses, though -the Indian government is asking that it be cut. Apparently, the scene shows Bond jumping a motorcycle and landing it on top of a train roof full of people, which puts India’s railways in a bad light.

Have no fear, though, the Indian government is doing its best to ensure the film remains entertaining. Instead of high-adrenaline bike action, they’ve asked for some clever dialogue instead; Visordown reports the country’s minister of railways has requested the filmmakers have the hero say something like “Indian Railways is as strong as James Bond.” With lines like that, who needs motorcycle action?

Source: Visordown

Not so bad to the bone

The Motorcycle Action Group has realized the days of taking meat cleavers to cars have long past, so they're just going to drive slow to express their angst.

Despite fictional misrepresentation, most bikers aren’t that nasty. Take, for example, the riders of the U.K.’s Wycombe Motorcycle Action Group. They aren’t happy with the new regulations coming soon to the U.K., which could limit a motorcyclist’s ability to modify a machine, condemning all bikers to a lifetime of such devilish concepts as stock pipes and fuel injection mapping.

How will the Motorcycle Action Group protest? You can forget all ideas of Main Street burnouts, and they’re not going to hack cars to bits with machetes, like the hoodlums of Mad Max.

No, they’re going to keep the law. They’re going to keep the law very carefully. They’re staging a go-slow protest. Their group will putt around at 45 mph in the slow lane to draw attention to their sad plight, and it will probably work out well; not only will the spectacle of motorcyclists riding slower than the speed limit shock and apall onlookers, they’ll also likely get great gas mileage.

Source: Bucks Free Press

A new king?

For years, Doug Domokos has held the title of the world’s Wheelie King, even after his untimely death in an ultralight accident. But this YouTube video shows an upcoming talent on the wheelie scene who looks like he has just the appropriate disregard for safety that could allow him to unseat Domokos. Forget ATGATT – he doesn’t even believe in ATSATT (All the Shoes, All The Time).

A dog on a hog, again

What’s the solution if you and your best friend need to ride around town, and your only transportation is a motorcycle? Easy – the friend rides pillion.

But what if that friend is a dog? That’s no problem for Gary Miller, as you can see from this YouTube clip. We’re not sure how old it is – though it was uploaded last year, it looks suspiciously like the 1970s – but it’s very, very awesome.

The video shows Miller and his dog, simply named “Dog,” tooling back and forth between Miller’s gunsmithing classes, with the full-sized Lab/pit bull mix perched aboard the bike’s passenger seat, front legs hooked around Gary’s shoulders.

Miller says Dog is “Easier to get along with than a girlfriend, and less expensive.” Some may complain that Miller only outfitted his pet with goggles and no helmet, but we doubt he has much problem with tailgaters – he’s got a pretty hefty sidearm in a holster that should deter any cagers from causing him problems.

Down on the farm

In my early riding days on P.E.I., I’d occasionally get stuck behind farm machinery with huge ground clearance. Let me tell you, there was a lot of temptation to simply ride underneath the machine to get past. I never pulled it off, though – but the rider in this YouTube clip does, zipping right underneath a massive sprayer..

Here’s some advice – if you’re really going to pull a stupid stunt like this, don’t do it on the highway. Keep this sort of thing confined to the fields – that way the pigs won’t have a cow.

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