Victory offers new tweaks

Make sure your Victory is checked out at the dealer, if you fall under the recall.
The new Cross Roads Classic LE will set US buyers back $17,999, but we don't know Canadian pricing yet.

Victory hasn’t announced any radical new motorcycles for 2012 yet, but they have tweaked a couple models in their existing lineup.

Maybe they were too busy buying up Indian, or maybe they’re planning to release their surprises under that lineup, but for now, all we’ve seen from Victory is upgrades to the Cross Country, with the introduction of the Cross Country Tour, and the Cross Roads, with the new Cross Roads Classic LE.

The Cross Country Tour doesn’t exactly break any new ground – improvements over the basic model include some venting improvements, HID lighting, adjustable passenger floorboards, tall windshield, heated grips and seats, and Lock ‘N Ride luggage as standard. It should be a lot cushier than the basic Cross Country model.

The Cross Country Tour comes with some pretty swanky options as standard.

The Cross Roads Classic LE follows the same basic plan of upgrading trim and options; it comes with special graphics and paint, a custom-stitches seat, saddlebags, wire wheels, a light bar, and some other extra chromed parts.

We don’t have Canadian MRSPs for the bikes yet, but the Cross Country Tour will sell for $21,999 in the US ($500 more if you want it in red or pearl instead of black), and the Cross Roads Classic LE will sell for $17,999.


  1. And you forgot to mention about the Ness Signature Series
    including my favourite 2012
    Victory Vegas Zach Ness. Cheers!

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