Suzuki, Motul to race MotoGP in 2012

Suzuki has put off their MotoGP return for another year. Good thing Alvaro Bautista didn't wait around to re-sign with them.
Alvaro Bautista's contract with Suzuki ends this season - they plan to return to MotoGP next year, but will he rejoin them?

It looks as if Suzuki will race in the 2012 MotoGP series, but it’s not clear what bike they will be using or who will ride it.

With only one factory rider in MotoGP this year, it looked as if the manufacturer was stepping away from the race series. But Visordown tells us Suzuki and their partner Motul say they’re going to stick with the series into 2012, despite the regulation changes as MotoGP moves to 1000cc machines.

Motul, of course, realizes there’s no better environment to test their lubricants than the racetrack, and Suzuki also realizes it’s always a good thing to have representation in the world’s premier motorcycle series, even if they can’t devote massive resources to it, like Honda does.

Factory rider Alvaro Bautista’s contract with Suzuki is up at the end of this season, so it’s unsure yet as to who will be riding their team’s bike. It’s not even clear what that bike will be – Suzuki may stick with their 800cc machine, hoping to take advantage of more generous weight and fuel restrictions.

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