New boots and tires


Heidenau K60s are a 50:50 road:dirt tire.

Are you in the market for a new set of boots or tires this summer? If so, Full Bore Marketing in Ontario has brought in a couple of product lines that might catch your interest.

First up, dual-sport riders will be happy to hear they’ve brought in some Heidenau tires this year from Germany. So far, they mainly seem to be focusing on the company’s K60 and K76 tires in sizes best suited for KLRs, BMWs, DRs, and the like.

Prices are changing with the release of Full Bore’s spring catalogue, but they’re already listed on Dual Sport Plus’s website for $76 for a 90/90-21 and $98.40 for a 120/80-18.

The company is also bringing in Heidenau tires for scooters and those oddball Ural sidecar rigs. Many riders may not find this news too exciting, but if you’re from Quebec, consider this: Heidenau makes a winter-rated motorcycle tire.

With a pipeline established to the European factory now, it may become a little easier for riders to get tires that make them street-legal all year round in La Belle (but also somewhat fucked up) Province.


Exustar Dempster boots are for the dual-sporter and should be part of a CMG product test this summer.

Full Bore Marketing is also importing a broad new line of motorcycle footwear this year from Exustar, a company that’s better known for its history of building bicycle shoes – only branching off into motorcycle gear recently.

The Italian-based company’s motorcycle boots are manufactured in China; the product line coming to Canada includes a couple different full-length sportbike boots, two different styles of shortie sportbike boots, three different sport-touring styles, three motocross styles, a dual-sport boot style, a riding boot styled to look like a sneaker, and a woman’s-styled riding boot.

The boots will be featured in Full Bore Marketing’s 2011 catalogue (when pricing should also be announced), which will be released shortly, giving you a chance to view and order the boots at your local dealer.






  1. Awesome! Those M+S rated K60’s come in sizes for my V-Strom! Although the 150/70-17 for the rear it says is not available til April, but ooo baby, this opens up some possibilities for next fall/winter/spring!

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