It's Spring!


No, not that kind of spring!

You’ve waited for it a long time. You held out hope it would arrive. No,
we’re not talking about rich aunt Rene’s untimely death, we’re talking
about spring. And, as of yesterday, it’s here.

This winter was long and cold for many, but the snow is melting quickly, street crews are filling potholes*, and the temperature is rising.

So, there are no more excuses. Go finish that bike maintenance you’ve been putting off all winter; change your oil, clean your carb, charge your battery, air up your tires, and finish installing those aftermarket bits you bought back in January. Throw on a couple extra layers for warmth, then fire up that bike for a ride.

Watch out for unwary cagers and traction sand left on the streets, but be sure to enjoy your first ride of the year – after making it through Winter 2011, you’ve earned it.

* Promotion does not apply to residents of Quebec.


  1. Thursday St Paddy’s was a nice day around Montreal. Fired up the Duc and got into the wind…felt really good…of course the next day it snowed…

  2. Had the scooter out for the first time on Friday afternoon (in Ottawa). Saw a few other bikes but not many. Snowed again on the weekend…

  3. Got on my moto and rode to Whistler this weekend…lots of riders and only one cop! Yee-Haw! Sea to Sky is so much fun. Can’t wait until it warms up a little bit more so the North becomes accessable once again.

  4. ahhahahaha. Yes. I’m actually waiting for the last load of bits to come in so I can do a piece on everything we figured would be suitable and what we think on first look.

    Always takes longer than you think sadly.

  5. Yup…luvin’ spring here in Alberta…woke up to 4″ snow yesterday, two more today…supposed to snow until Thurday…woo hoo…NOT…Oh well, atleast I got all my spring prep done on Saturday (except the battery, forgot to charge it), but couldn’t ride due to no start…nice clear roads on Saturday…then Sunday arrived in all it’s snowmobile glory… :upset …maybe next weekend…??


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