Alberta wants your opinion

sm_survey300.jpg In Alberta, rules were not made to be broken. Read on:

The target group is the rebellious type of motorcyclist who rides dangerously — this is who we are attempting to reach with the creative.

That’s from the Alberta government, which is trying to teach motorcyclists how to ride safely and obey all rules.

The Motorcycle Safety Creative Concept Survey is a webform survey that asks for responses to “creative” messages.

The form asks if you think the message will change the behaviour of riders, and also suggests other possible text lines (Being bad to the bone doesn’t mean shattering it) and asks for your comments.

From our perspective they might as well threaten to have the library increase your fines for late books, but we aren’t the government. You can have your say at

At the end of the survey, Paul Graff of the Office of Traffic Safety at Alberta Transportation invites further comments. Many thanks to CMGer Erik S for sending this to us.


  1. What a waste of cyberspace, no tracking the source of respondents, no place for overall comments, typical attitude of carcentric logic. It’s all those bad bikers, not the highly qualified 4 wheeled motorists out there, oh no…….

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