Out with the old …


Editor ‘arris and Steve Thornton enjoying their tea break in the CMG cafeteria (photo taken on ‘casual 1800s’ Friday)

You may have noticed that we’ve been looking for a new News Editor at CMG recently. Well that’s because Steve Thornton — who is our current News (and copy) Editor — is leaving CMG as of end of today to work full time at Cycle Canada magazine.

Though he will obviously be taking a significant drop in prestige and job satisfaction, Cycle Canada has been able to offer Steve a full time, fully paid gig which we understand is something that helps to pay bills, reduce stress and make life all the more bearable (we’ll have to try that sometime). 

Steve has been at CMG since 2008 and during his tenure he has added an unusual spark of professionalism. He has also brought the daily news up several notches as well as find the wonderful and bizarre stories that make up your weekly dose of Friday Fudge.

As you can imagine, he will be sorely missed and we can only hope that he manages to install some of that professionalism and spark into Cycle Canada magazine. Or maybe not.

Good luck with that Steve and thanks for all the great work. Oh, and please clean out your desk because security will be by shortly to escort your sorry ass out of the building!

Cheers, Rob Harris
Editor and publisher


  1. I’ve been enjoying Steve’s articles for a while now in the BEST motorcycle magazine out there!!Now i can enjoy his alternate view there and still keep up to date with Costa and crew here.

  2. If it wasn’t for the buck an issue mc trade show subscription offers, Cycle Canada wouldn’t even be on my radar screen. Two page “Timeline” feature in every issue, case in point. What a waste of newsprint and don’t get me started on scooter/electric bike features and Max Burn resurrection articles.

    A new face at Cycle Canada is sorely needed, you’ve got your work cut out for you Steve Thornton. Best wishes and good luck !

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