Honda shows Moto3 250 machine


Sweet, sweet exhaust note coming soon to a MotoGP track near you.

MotoGP rules will cease the 125 cc two-stroke class after the 2011 season. In its place will be the Moto3 class featuring highly tuned 250 cc four-stroke singles. 

Honda has just released a video of the HRC NRS250 in action.

Rules stipulate a maximum bore of 81 mm, with the engine being able to endure for at least three races and cost not exceeding $10,000€.

It’s possible that Moto3 teams will further develop existing motorcross engines, as they’ve had several years of development and produce upwards of 40 HP in production form. Or they might just start from scratch.

Turn up the volume and enjoy the video (don’t forget to click on the ‘Action’ link at the bottom).  


  1. In the last second or two of the video if you look up in the sky it appears the new Honda jet is coming in for a crash landing?

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