CBR250R coming to Canada!

Smaller-displacement bikes that still feature decent performance, like Honda's CBR250R, should sell well if graduated licensing is brought in.

CBR250R will be available in Canada in Black (shown above) and Red & Silver (below). Sweet.

Honda has finally stepped up with a follow up to its successful CBR125R. Coming next spring, you’ll see a new CBR250R in Honda showrooms.


This view shows the VFR inspired look.

The all-new lightweight sport bike is powered by a liquid-cooled and fuel-injected 249 cc single with twin cams and four valves. Claimed output is 26 hp with torque peaking at 17 lb-ft.

Honda claims it chose a single over a twin-cylinder engine for its compact size, light weight and broad spread of torque. 

The chassis consists of a diamond twin-spar steel frame, with a 37 mm fork and single, linkage type rear shock providing the suspension, and seat height is at a modest 780 mm (30.7 in). Wheel sizes are 17-inch, with 110/70 front and 140/70 rear tires.


The red, white and blue colours are not coming to Canada (but you can see the left side view at least).

Braking is via a single 296 mm front disc with a twin-piston caliper and a 220 mm rear disc mated to a single-piston caliper. A combined ABS version will be available in conjunction with a non-ABS version.

Claimed wet is 161 kg (356 lb) for the non-ABS version, undercutting the $4,999 Kawasaki Ninja 250R by nine kg. Adding C-ABS raises the wet weight to 165 kg (364 lb).

Honda also claims it used a single-cylinder engine for its fuel efficiency and tags the CBR250R with a 3.7L/100 km (76 mpg) fuel consumption rate, which would give the quarter-litre CBR a 350 km range from its 13-litre fuel tank. 

Styling is heavily influenced by the VFR1200F, though overall the design works better on the 250.

Pricing has yet to be announced, though you’ll be able to see the CBR250R at the upcoming motorcycle shows. For more info you can visit the CBR250R special website here (or go directly to the video here).


Honda CBR250R cbr250r_rear.jpg



249 cc

Four-stroke DOHC single,

Power (crank – unconfirmed)
26 hp @ 8,500 rpm

Torque (claimed)
17 lb-ft @ 7,000 rpm
13 litres

PGM Fuel Injection

Final drive
Six speed, chain drive



Single 296 mm disc with two-piston caliper (three-piston
caliper on ABS model)

Single 220 mm disc with single-piston caliper

780 mm (30.7″)

1,370 mm (53.9″)

Wet weight (claimed)
161 kg (165 kg with ABS)

Red/Silver, Black



  1. And you can buy a Megelli 250 exactly where in Canada ?
    No need to apologize to me Shawarama, just please engage your brain before you put your typing fingers in gear…

  2. gpfan, you can kiss my ass.

    The Megelli 250 is a nicer bike. Curb weight is 291 lbs, compression @ 11.5:1 It’s also faster than a ninja right up to 8500rpm.

  3. “shawarma”? I have seen Bondo race. I’ve seen him ride. I’ve seen him on television testing bikes. I’ve read his motorcycle tests in various Canadian media. I’ve met Bondo.

    Bondo does not like me, and sometimes I feel Bondo may require a quick injection of personality.

    Seven years ago in the Wheels section of the Toronto Star, Bondo panned my Sv1000s.

    But, you sir, are an idiot and I would take Bondo’s expert opinion over your specious drivel any day. TK4 is also someone in the industry. Unless you are Peter Egan or Max Burns, I suggest you settle down.

  4. “Bondo, why don’t you go to the county fair and let the clown sucker punch you in the head. The jolt might fix your brain.”

    This statement is mostly correct, as it applies to every opinion Bondo has expressed (e.g. Suggesting a glace de viande was a spicy cheese sauce)[b] with the exception of[/b] [i]anything concerning motorcycles.[/i]

    :grin :grin :grin


  5. Motorcycle dot com says about the CRF230L: “The Perfect Bike For…The casual or beginner rider who wants multi-terrain versatility in a reliable rider-friendly package”, and about the CRF230M on the dyno: “Max Horsepower 14,5 at 7200 rpm, Max Torque 11,6 ft-lbs at 6300 rpm.” Cheers!

  6. “I’ve been driving motorcycles for 21 years if that’s what your asking.”

    Really. Most us who have been involved with bikes for that long [u]ride[/u] them. We don’t drive them.

    Do you have a clue who Bondo is? I’m guessing he has just a little bit more experience than yourself.

    TK4 has also answered your question. Perhaps he doesn’t have a clue, either.

  7. Seems to me that there’s a lot of gum-flapping without any hard data to back it up. Until the new bike’s here and someone (likely me) has a chance to run it back to back with the 250 Ninja on the road and on the dyno, its all just speculation.
    As to whether a CRF230L will outrun either of them, buddy you’re dreaming. I currently have a CRF230M in my possesion, and while its lots of fun, there ain’t NO WAY it would spank either of the aforementioned on a road course unless maybe you had a guy with a last name like Rossi riding it.
    My $0.02…

  8. Credentials for what? I’ve been driving motorcycles for 21 years if that’s what your asking. But to learn how to drive properly takes no more than 2 years.
    Fancy fairings don’t make a bike go any faster. Power to weight ratio does.

  9. “Bondo, why don’t you go to the county fair and let the clown sucker punch you in the head. The jolt might fix your brain. You guys know nothing about bikes.”

    Hoo ha…Now THAT’S hilarious.

    I don’t want to speak for Bondo et al but…

    Mr. Shawarma, please, enlighten us as to your credentials. Then, when you’ve done that, take your bike out to your favourite road and watch Bondo show you the fast way while riding something with half the displacement and 10 years older.

  10. Bondo, why don’t you go to the county fair and let the clown sucker punch you in the head. The jolt might fix your brain.

    You guys know nothing about bikes.

  11. 1. The VTR would be the one to have – what a wonderful machine that would be.

    2. The CRF will NOT outcorner a Ninja 250 or CBR250. It’s pretty good in the corners but the limiting factor is the dual sport tires. And if you want to argue, first list your roadracing resume so we know your qualifications.

    3. Why does the CBR250 weigh the same as my 1979 Yamaha SR500?

  12. Blackie’s Evil Twin,

    The place is called Chez Marius, and yes, it’s still there. I take a ride up there occasionally for a burger, great view of the river.

  13. Mario C….

    “Chambly Honda, here I come!”

    I used to live in Chambly. On the river up the street from the fort. Used to hang out at Chez Mario’s. Not sure if its still there by the canal locks down to the basin. Beautiful town.

  14. Mxs, i see that you’re one of those guys that needs to re-invent the wheel. Honda didn’t add or change the CRF230L because it’s just right. Do you really think they just came up with the 223cc engine without any calculations and data?
    Honda uses the same engine in the ftr, the Sl, and the xr because it is a potent masterpiece. Fuel efficient, powerful and LIGHT.
    Did you happen to notice that they went back to a single cylinder with the cbr250?

  15. @ Shawarma

    I just disagree with about everything you wrote, so let’s just leave it at that.

    I am still interested to know how much you paid for the 230cc air cooled bike built predominantly from Honda bin parts (meaning zero newly developed parts). I’ve heard some horrific numbers, so I am just wondering whether they are true or not.

  16. dang it, bought a CRF230M earlier this year aha. oh well at least they are sticking with singles good to see that! thumpers rock :grin.

  17. Mxs, my CRF230L would outcorner this cbr250 with ease due to the lighter weight transfer. (92 pounds) Dual sports can lean more in corners than street bikes, and have more ground clearance for cornering. The plush suspension helps soak up the aggressive cornering as well.
    Also,you don’t need a liquid cool system on a bike, its just extra weight.

    The only place where the ninja250 and this cbr250 shine is on the highway.

  18. +1 on Larry’s comments. WTF is Honda marketing thinking? A single for more $ than a Kawi twin ? And just what a new rider needs… ABS so they can’t learn what threshold braking is. This is not a continent of of small people and filled with endless windy roads where you can have fun on a 250. A 250/400 V twin or the already successful 250 RR motor (without the RR title for insurance purposes) would have been way more appropriate and close the gap to the next step in their lineup, a 600. Why try for 1/2 of the Kawi 250 sales when they could have all of the sales of the 400 street class ?

  19. Do you realize that there people who do not need/want a dual sport bike with old concept air cooled engine Honda is asking crazy money for?. The bike might work for you, but will not work for tons of other people.

    Sure it is lighter, it’s a dual sport …. I doubt you will outcorner CBR250R on street. 250R is pretty light and with superior tires, it should be very good handling bike.

    CBR250R will give Honda a product they can sell to many more people than a dual sport bike. Just for the record, how much did you pay for your CRF230L?

  20. My CRF230L is 92 pounds lighter than this CBR250R, and would win in a urban street race accross town any day. My CRF230L can easily outcorner this bike as well. I get better fuel mileage with my 30mm carburator.

    For those who think i’m bullshitting, I also own a Ninja 250R, and can honestly say that my lighter CRF230L can get me to places faster than the ninja can. The weight difference between the CRF230L and the Ninja 250R is a whopping 108 pounds !!!

  21. I already had a CBR125R and I loved it. The CBR250R could be my next bike, depending on the upcoming price. Chambly Honda, here I come!

  22. I took the CRF230M for a demo ride this summer and thought I might buy it. Definetly gonna wait to check out this baby now! 😉

  23. VTR 250 – I would have been all over it.
    250 4 stroke single y a w n

    Even at $4799 its going to look like a
    bargain sitting next to the DN01.

  24. Yes b’y!! Looooooooong overdue! Agree that the VTR250 would’ve been nice to see brought in, but this CBR250R is really nice too! Depending on how it stacks up against the Ninja 250R price-wise, this new CBR could be my next Bike! Thanks Honda!

  25. Sounds pretty nice…I will hear about this bike for the next four years until my 12yo can get one…she is already telling me that she is going to get the CBR125R…so I would imagine the 250cc will get her even more excited…or maybe by that time Honda will have a 400cc variant to have a better stepping stone than straight to a 600cc with the CBF600…

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