Honda's latest V-four sketch



Honda’s V-four crossover: automatic?

As has become the norm, manufacturers often release conceptual sketches of soon-to-be-released models before any actual images or even proper descriptions of these machines surface.

In keeping with this new trend, Honda has released another artist’s rendering of its upcoming V-four powered bike, toted a "crossover" due to its naked bike attitude combined with adventure-touring styling and riding position.

Judging by this image alone, we at CMG speculate that combined braking will be via the handlebar only (which may hint at an automatic transmission, the left hand lever — if there is one — possibly acting as rear brake, scooter-like). The bike also seems to have a single-sided swingarm and will roll on 17-inch wheels.

The bike, dubbed the VFR800X by media outlets, sports a single rear shock and a telescopic fork, and it will also have a headlight and a seat.

The engine is rumoured to be a V-four of 800 cc capacity, and the bike is said to incorporate traction control and variable engine mapping.

Enough of the speculation; what we can tell from this image is that Honda employs talented sketch artists. We’ll have all the actual details when the real bike is revealed in Milan next week, where Honda will also show a concept bike based around the 1,200 cc VFR engine, possibly the rumoured touring variant.

We won’t be there but we’ll keep you posted.



  1. Perhaps there is too much plastic. However as I have the DN-01 and now want to move up to a larger horsepower the latest Honda apppears to be exactly what I need. The VF1200 handlebars were to low for me. Honda’s latest bars are higher. Roll on Honda! Automatics rule for me.


  2. Hi Rob,
    I tried to email you but I got few times the next message: “The message was not sent because of an error. The message cannot be sent. If this problem continues, please see our technical support information.” Please, contact me directly at my temporary address 9876FTRQTqVS at meltmail dot com so I can replay you tomorrow morning, now I have to go at work. Thanks, Mario

  3. This year I’ll be at EICMA in Milan. Even if I’m not the “always connected” type I will try to send some shots from there.

  4. The headlight and seat comment, as well as all of the rest of what we, at CMG, have ascertained by viewing this image, is a poke at all of the media speculation and hype generated when manufacturers “leak” images or drawings to generate interest in their products.

  5. I thought you were being facetious until I actually read the article (the picture being enough to cool my interest immediately)
    Headlight and seat…. good lord.

  6. Why is it that I look at this sketch and see plactic covers on top of plastic covers and think that the kids that load their tuner cars with misguided “aero” kits are now designing the bikes.
    Being Old School, where most of the stuff loaded on the bike actually had a real world function, I can’t help but imagine how wonderful that V-Four would look in minimalist guise.
    For some reason the Power Ranger Bike just doesn’t do it for me. Sorry Honda

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