Tiger 800 – complete pic

Triumph have released the first official picture of the new 800 Tiger XC.


Male models wait for the Triumph rescue helicopter to come and get the XC out of the divot.

The XC is said to be powered by a longer stroked Daytona 675 triple motor which is housed in a very similar chassis to BMW’s ever popular F800GS. It comes with a dirt ready 21 inch spoked front wheel that will carry tubed tires. Wet weight is expected to be around 200 Kg with max power around 135 – 140 hp — a little lighter and more powerful than the GS.


Here’s a wire-frame of the standard 800 Tiger with cast wheels and 19 inch front.

Judging by the photos, Triumph will be offering an array of aftermarket bolt-ons to help protect the XC from rocks and the like, namely a proper bash plate and some engine guards (conveniently displayed on the bike in the background).

If you weren’t already aware, there will be two Tiger 800s, the XC and the less dirt-ready standard which will have a 19 inch front wheel and more road orientated rubber and cast wheels (just like BMW’s F650 GS … which is actually an 800 too).

We have to wonder if the standard Tiger will be called a Tiger 650 XC? Full details are expected to be released at the Milan show in early November. 


  1. Hey Rui and Joel: I understand your skepticism but I owned a 1999 Tiger, which was the last time a Triumph had any off-road pretensions. I had little skill on dirt but a lot of nerve and took that thing on dual-sport riding tours, rode Hydro rights of way, crossed Labrador, and yet also took 10 hours rides in total comfort at 130 kph with a load of firewood and a case of beer to get to my favorite next province or state. The thing weighed a ton but could do anything. When I took an off-road riding course at RallyConnex, guess what the instructor was using to demonstrate barrel runs? A ’99Tiger

  2. For the “street” version, I wish they’d just have left the 675 Street Triple alone and added Tiger bodywork and bags. A 17 inch front would be SO much better than a 19, which limits your choice of good rubber. Who the hell wants to take something like that off road anyway? They could’ve had the perfect, rip-roaring, mid displacement sport tourer but, although it’ll probably be a nice ride, it could’ve been so much better.

  3. “It’s weird to me that nobody would ridicule that pic -”

    The caption below the photo is better than any ridicule I could come up with.

  4. It’s weird to me that nobody would ridicule that pic – anyone taking a bike that size, that cost and that powerful on a trail like that would be a fool of the highest order.

    Seems like those who redicule the usual “biker” pose prefer to pose like Ewan nowadays…

    Otherwise, it looks to be a great bike if it comes without the poser knobies.

  5. I don’t think it’ll produce that much power! The new speed triple is a 133hp, the street triple is 107hp so surely its going to be in between the two?

  6. Hmmmmm, this bike looks awfully familiar. Haha! Well awesome! The more bikes like this out there the better. Holy moly! Really that much horse power? Maybe time to switch up from the 800 GS to scare the pants off me.

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