Key to happiness found


Maybe he’s happy because he got a study funded by the COHV.

Ride a motorcycle off-road and you’ll
be healthier, happier, and smarter, according to a study that was funded by the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council, the
Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada, and other groups including the
Nova Scotia government.

A report entitled "Health-related
Quality of Life of Habitual Recreational Off-Road Vehicle Riders"
describes the results of a study into quality of life issues for
off-road vehicle users. It says riders of ATVs and dirt bikes are
healthier than regular Canadians, and claims that about 96 per cent
of riders are optimists who are "expected to have lower levels of
stress and depression."

A team from York University’s Physical
Activity and Chronic Disease Unit in the Faculty of Health surveyed
310 regular off-road riders from across Canada and followed that up
with interviews of 141 riders from Ontario and Quebec.

Overall, regular off-road riders had
higher levels of physical functioning than Canadian population norms,
the report says.

It’s "possible," the report says,
that the better health and quality of life experienced by off-road
riders is a result of riding off-road.


  1. I think most of the physical and mental health benefits from off-road riding both bikes and ATV’s, is the exersion from getting un-stuck (that’s if you “really” off road – not just ride well manicured dirt trails). The mental health deal about that, is when it’s finally not you this time needing to be pulled or winched-out, you can have a good laugh and ribbing of your friends that need it, all in good humour.

  2. Hmmm. Must be that “at one with nature” schtick and all that!
    Personally, when off-roading I’m just happy to not be dodging minivans turning left in front of me, or distracted “texters and cell phoners” cutting me off…obvlious to my presence or the law! :roll

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