VFR adventurer sketch


Much like with the VFR1200, Honda are preparing the world for a new ‘adventure’ bike — reportedly to be based around the VFR1200 — by releasing a styling sketch.

Since you can really say very little based on such a thing, we’ll give Honda the press they hope to get by showing it but will leave it up to our beloved readership to draw any further conclusions.



  1. “Road only adventure bike”

    Of course this makes sense, only about 5% of these big-bore “adventure” bikes ever leave the pavement.

  2. “Road only adventure bike”? Strikes me as somewhat of a contradiction in terms. Seems to me like Honda is trying to emulate BMW in their line, in much the same way they emulated their concept of selling both cars and bikes in the same place. We all know how well THAT went and I suspect that this will have similar results.

  3. No according to Honda press release this is an early sketch of a production ready, mid range, road only adventure bike. The VFR 1200 based adventure bike with be shown as well at Milan but only in a mock up version.I have no doubt that Honda has a whole new range of V4 motorcycles on the way.I wished I liked the sound of that new 76% cylinder angle as compared to the old 90%.Regardless, I`m sure they are going to be very interesting. Honda bring me a Honda version (African Twin,Vfour)of a KTM 990 and I will write you a Cheque.

  4. Well Honda, looks liek I will have to keep my 79 GL and my 81 450 on the road longer, until you can bring something to the table othere than a fat heavy expensive bike or cruiser. The shadow RS is almost a bike I would buy, the CB1100F that is Japan and OZ only I would take out a loan for but we will never see it here I bet. OH and I am only 36, not some 65-70 year old reliving my youth, I just liek bikes that look like bikes and are not full of plastic and crap.

  5. Damn, I was hoping they would bring out a Goldwing-based Adventure bike. The only things adventurous about the current line of porky RV-based bikes are the loan requirements and the low-speed manoeuvring.

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