Hutchie new Mountain King


Ian Hutchison in practice at Isle of Man.

The racing isn’t over yet — there’s
another 600 race and the "Senior" to come — but so far the 2010
classic TT races have been a huge success.

Ian Hutchison on his Padgett’s Hondas
has been three for three so far, winning the Superbike, the first
Supersport (600) and the Superstock races. To date, Phil MacCallen
with four wins in the week is the record holder, but anyone who’d
bet against "Hutchie" matching or even beating that record would
be getting long odds.

The guy is smooth, clean, and of course
unbelievably fast. The legendary Joey Dunlop was called "King of
the Mountain" for years, but Hutchison is likely to take over that
title as he’s not only scary-fast through the terrifying town and
farm areas, but he positively destroys the opposition in the wide
open fast terrain across Snaefell mountain in the last quarter of the
37.75 mile TT course.

The roster of stars here for the week
just hanging out is huge. Several WSB riders, including Sterilgarda
Yamaha ace Calvin Crutchlow and Alstare Suzuki’s Leon Haslam
(currently just behind Max Biaggi in the WSB title hunt) are here,
and Moto GP hero Loris Capirossi is due to run the Lap of Honour
later in the week.

I ran across another TT hero in the
pits yesterday; Mitsuo Itoh, who retired from Suzuki as their world
marketing manager several years ago and was the first Japanese to win
a world championship race in 1963, taking the 50 cc win at the TT for

Based on my first visit to the Isle of
Man, I’d have to say that while it’s a completely different deal
from the kind of circuit racing we see in Canada, the experience has
absolutely my maximum A++ rating. Recommendation: just spend the
money and do it.

Editor’s note: This report was submitted from the Isle of Man, where Larry Tate is no doubt working diligently in one of the isle’s famous pubs. Any mistakes may be blamed on local distractions (slurp!).


  1. Both races have been a thrill to watch. To see Michael Dunlop’s face after disappointingly losing 600cc race was a signature expression. Also, Guy Martin, the way he showed his emotion after not winning, was great. These guys are really different breed.

    I’d love to make that trip one day, combined with renting a bike a do some riding there.

  2. I rode the Isle during the press launch for the Triumph Speed Triple R and I’ve gained a higher respect for the TT raceers than I already held. These guys ride with the mental discipline only someone from another universe can possess. Scary, awe inspiring and totally exhilarating. Lucky you Larry.

  3. Great to see you made it Larry. If you have transportation, venture into the interior, you won’t believe your eyes.

  4. WOW Larry, you are living one of my dreams … you bastard.

    I am hoping you will write a nice long article on your experience to help assuage (is that the right word?) my painful jealously. :cry

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