P.E.I. moves on stunting

Don't try this on PEI. Photo: John Ryan Flaherty/Wikimedia

Motorcyclists in P.E.I. could soon be hit with legislation similar to Ontario’s anti-stunting laws — though with less severe penalties.

The island-province’s transport minister, Ron MacKinley, has introduced a bill that would allow police to seize vehicles driven over a certain speed.

If the legislation succeeds, the province could lay a fine up to $1,500  or a stunt riding conviction, and fines up to $400 for driving 50 km/h over the limit and up to $600 for going 60 over.

Get caught stunt driving or going 60 over and police could also seize the vehicle for 24 hours.

MacKinley told CBC News that he wanted to prevent “racing or stunt driving” on P.E.I. roads and to “make our highways safe for our families and our children.”

It’s more heavy-handed in Ontario, where fines for riding 50 km/h over the limit can hit $10,000 and police can suspend a driver’s licence and seize the bike for a week, on the spot. Ontario also includes going 50 over in the definition of stunt riding.


  1. Really the law was to stop teenagers from street racing, and crush their cars. Or at least that’s how they presented it to pass the law.
    Once the law was in effect we all can now see that it’s catching nothing buy 45 year old lawyers wives in 7 series BMWs heading back from Muskoka and they have yet to throw the book at them, or crush their cars.

  2. @ RyYYZ

    And that’s where you are wrong with your assessment as is most of the media. As I said, 50 over is not an issue for most, it’s all the rest. Ask the 35% of people not convicted by courts what have they done wrong, I can guarantee you that it has nothing to do with street racing ….

  3. This is not about safety,it’s about money. Our law enforcement officers are also revenue collectors. We need to be concerned about the encroachment on our liberty – not to speed, but to due process.We are slowly morphing into a deferential,compliant society.

  4. Thank goodness we’re being saved from ourselves, by all the various pencil pushing geeks and with the always available help of the local constabulary, saving the world one speeding ticket at a time…

    Burgmans for everyone !


  5. Rumor has it that there once was a trailer pulling V-Max terrorizing the place and scarring the bejezus out of the local coyote population.
    Mind you not many have actually seen this in real life.

  6. What, are there about 3 sportbikes in PEI? Are the old foggies riding dressers pulling wheelies on main street?? I guess they filled their daily quota of global warming propaganda so this is what we get. There aren’t any real jobs left anymore. The only good jobs are in government. The snivel servants have to keep coming up with a bunch of stupid laws to make themselves look useful. (getting your bike impounded for taking your feet off the pegs is a stupid law)

  7. I’m not sure what your beef is with this article as written. It’s largely a statement of fact.

    As to the unfair imposition of penalties on the side of the road – well, the Supreme Court disagrees that it’s unconstitutional, and it doesn’t affect enough people for most people to care. The average person doesn’t speed by 50 (or more) over or engage in stunt driving, so it will never affect them, so they don’t care. Sure, most accidents are caused by brain-dead morons who can’t drive worth shit, but they’re a majority and the gov’t isn’t about to enact harsh penalties against the majority.

  8. You guys starting to sound like most of the media who sold out their independence longtime ago to the “higher” cause of keeping our children safe … :roll

    It’s NOT the 50 over what 99% of people have beef with in Ontario. It’s everything else what’s really wrong in the bill incl. the execution of the law by the police without having to prove anything in court prior to charges and fees being laid out. That’s what should be talked about, not the 50 over punishment (assuming there’s an indisputable proof of speed …).

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