RCMP officer charged


Orion Hutchinson

The sad, continuing story of officer Ben Robinson and motorcyclist Orion Hutchinson takes another lurching step forward this week.

Robinson is an RCMP officer whose vehicle crashed into Hutchinson, who was riding a motorcycle in Delta, B.C., and killed him in October 2008.

Hutchinson was 21.

The Mountie was charged on Tuesday with obstruction of justice for actions following the collision, although Crown will not release more specific information. Delta police recommended charges of impaired driving causing death and dangerous driving causing death, but the Crown was unable to make those charges stick.

Robinson, who was among four RCMP officers involved in the Taser death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski at the Vancouver International Airport in October 2007, has been suspended with pay since the crash. That continues.

Robinson has claimed that he left the scene of the collision, drank some vodka, then returned.


  1. I now carry an empty bottle of Crown Royal whiskey in my vehicle.

    If I get stopped by the cops I’m going to pull out the bottle and put it where the cop can see it – I can’t wait for his reaction.

    I’ll just explain that if I crash while pissed and kill someone, I just pull out the old jug and take a couple of shots – problem solved!

    The funny part is – I don’t drink, at all, ever. :grin

  2. (cont)i had some asshole tap his brakes many times one day when i was behind him(was he doing it on purpose i couldnt tell you)yet after the 5th or 6th time i went around him i got a ticket for not using my flasher,,when i tried to explain this to the cop,he stopped me from talking and said,: i have a harley i know how to ride:i was like ,i never asked what bike or if you had one,he just didnt care,all he wanted was to give some young guy on a bike a ticket..now if i contested it,trust me he would find me and make my life harder,,so who do you run to,,,nobody,,,its what they want to see

  3. this pisses me off,when i was younger i got caught with 2 grams of marijuana and got charged,it lasted 4 years till i was cleared and almost ruined my life in the work field,yet this guy who admits to driveing drunk(even left the sean to drink more)gets off free and to top it off we the tax payers are still paying him,,way to go justice court,,way to go,im telling you the goverment want to rid all motorcycle riders,,you should see our reg in quebec,they make it not worth it,over 500cc 1600$ to reg a bike for you to ride at most 5 months,

  4. The facts in this case, as determined by Judge McEwan, are blindingly clear.

    Therefore, only three possibilities exist:

    (1) Delta Police blew the investigation because they are incompetent, or;
    (2) Delta Police blew the case on purpose to cover up for one their brothers, or;
    (3) Delta Police did a proper job of the investigation and BC Crown blew the case.

    Of the RCMP nothing need be said because they have repeatedly demonstrated that they are pathologically incapable of telling the truth.

    Whatever happened, none of them look good.

    It’s a sad day for Canada.

  5. For once of late, this is not a matter of cops looking after cops. It is the legal system failing to do the job we expect of them. Delta police, independent of the RCMP, levelled charges more appropriate of the crime, but Crown Counsel failed to press for the strongest penalty and instead chose to wimp out and only go for Obstruction of Justice. Should not a jury of 12 good (men) and true be allowed to decide from the evidence presented what charges will stick and what will fail? This Monty Robinson is the No Stick Dick. :roll

  6. I’m not so sure that this is not a case of, “cops looking after cops”.

    Did the Delta Police deliberately blow the investigation so one of the members of the “Thin Blue Line” get off?

  7. Ok, this is not a case of “Cops looking after Cops” The Delta Police department did its job. This is a case of a failure in the justice system. Robinson is a disgrace and should be held fully accountable for his actions.

  8. The Mountie’s name is actually Cpl. Benjamin Monty Robinson. We neglected to use the more common Monty in our story. Thanks for letting us know.

  9. Who is Ben Robinson? I thought the guys name was Monte Robinson.

    Maybe he was lucid enough to know that a breathalyzer is not accurate if you’ve had alcohol in the last half hour or so. He went and had a drink to give himself a defense, so his intoxication at the time of the accident could not be proven. Way to use that RCMP training.

  10. As a police officer to (1) leave the scene of an accident and (2) go and drink alcohol and then go back……..how ridiculous. He knows better!!! It looks like he tried too hide something, except he used a totally transparent cover.
    Robinson, you need to take responsibility for your actions and you need help. You have been involved in the deaths of 2 innocent people.

  11. I am so sorry for Orion’s family and for the life of this young man so foolishly taken by Monty Robinson. I did not know Orion but I did meet him once. He was very handsome, well mannered and I cannot imagine what his family must be going through. :sigh
    Mr. Robinson…enjoy your Christmas, don’t drink and drive! 🙁

  12. Typical Cops looking after Cops. You try this at home see how it works. Coruption is taking over our country. Might as well be in Mexico at least there’s no snow.

  13. Robinson has claimed that he left the scene of the collision, drank some vodka, then returned.

    That pegged my BS meter!
    The courts need to deal with this guy or the public should take
    matters into its own hands.

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