Helmet removal system required


The National Hot Rod Association has ordered that the Eject Helmet Removal System be fitted to helmets worn in Pro Stock class racing.

The system will also be required headgear for Top Fuel, Funny Car, and other four-wheeled drag racing classes.

The Eject system uses compressed air to allow removal of a helmet following a collision. An empty bladder rests under the helmet liner (on top of the wearer’s head) and can be inflated by paramedics or others. As it inflates, it pushes the helmet away from the crown of the head, allowing removal without undue movement of the neck, which can lead to paralysis or death if there is upper spine injury present.

Riders in AMA Pro Motocross and Supercross are also mandated to use the Eject system. See more at shockdoctor.com .

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