New Arai roadster


Arai Helmets has introduced what it says is "the ultimate street helmet" in the RX-Q, and now they’re showing us what it looks like, too.

The helmet has an intermediate-oval interior shape similar to the Corsair-V and Vector helmets, an extremely wide viewport for good peripheral vision, a new cheekpad design, a smaller, more aerodynamic shell, and other benefits.

Arai says the RX-Q is different because it’s the first helmet designed from the neck up for street riders. The helmet is said to be quiet, comfortable, and stable. A new cheek-pad design, made of 12 separate pieces, cradles the riders head from underneath and even makes the helmet quieter, preventing sound from entering the helmet from below.

New, more efficient vents also flow "huge volumes of air," according to the company bumpf.

The Arai RX-Q will retail for about $675 U.S. and we’re guessing prices in the $700 range will be seen in Canada. It wears a Snell M-2010 sticker and should hit retail shelves in January, just in time for many of the Canadian bike shows.

Arai let word of its new model escape from the PR cages a while ago, but kept its photos secret. Now we can show you why.


  1. :grin It sounds like it will be great for a person with a small, oval shaped head with cheekbones and big eyes… Or perhaps just a person with a head. After all it was designed from the neck up? That would mean the head wouldn’t it? 😕 Such marketing drivel.

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