CMG Ottawa Pub Night


Look for ‘Arris slouched at a table with the other misfits.

With the Mad Bastard Rally just two weeks away, I (along with a CMG posse) will be heading over to Ottawa this weekend to do a final scouting of the route, test ride a trio of scooters and head to a pub to get a tad drunk.

If you happen to be in the Ottawa area this Saturday (May 30th), then please feel free to join us for some food and a few beers at D ‘Arcy Mcgee’s Irish Pub, 360 Moodie Drive, Nepean (613) 596-4226. Okay it’s way the feck out there but that’s close to where we’ll be staying that night which suits us just fine.

I’ve booked a table for 6:00 pm (we’ll have been up since 5:00 am so it has to be early as we likely won’t stay awake too late) and there should be some CMG t-shirt wearing dudes and Editor ‘Arris slouched in a chair to signify just who we are.

Cheers, Rob

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