Japan production down


Over-250 category is down

Japan produced only 72,719 motorcycles in the month of February, down from 127,045 units in February 2008.

That’s a 42.8 per cent reduction in manufacturing.

The largest single displacement category drop by per centage was in 51–125 cc machines, down 66.4 per cent (down 5,255 units), but the over-250 cc category fell by 42,376 units (down 46.8 per cent).

Among the Big Four, 72,714 motorcycles were exported in February, which is down considerably from last year.

The figures were released in the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association report.


  1. For those sharp-eyed readers who noticed a numerical discrepancy in this story, a peak at the linked JAMA website will reveal that five motorcycles were exported by “Other.”

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