Fury in Edmonton?

The new Honda Fury chopper is set to be released this Friday (16th January) in New York.

However, Honda Canada has invited press to the more glamorous location of Edmonton, Alberta on the evening of the 15th for the release of a "private unveiling of an all new 2010 model".

The info is embargoed till the 16th, so we’re going to assume A) that it’s the Fury, and B) that they may well have a sample model for showing at the Edmonton Motorcycle Show.

Sadly we didn’t get the invite until after we’d booked our tickets to Edmonton for the Friday, so will miss the presentation, but we’ll do our best to get info on the Fury to the CMG readership as soon as we can.

In the meantime, check out one of the new web-ads (shown) that Honda has put out to get some interest in the bike ahead of time.

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