New GPS with MP3



Garmin has released an updated GPS unit for motorcyclists, called the ZÅ«mo 660.

Features includes a 4.3-inch colour touchscreen display, "3-D building view and lane assist" to help riders choose the best lane, and Bluetooth wireless so the Garmin can be connected to a Bluetooth headset.

There’s also an MP3 player and picture viewer, and it supports audiobooks in case you want to read at the next rest stop.

The ZÅ«mo 660 carries a hefty pricetag: $800 U.S. See more at


  1. I’m all for Garmin, because a cheap GPS, has cheap maps, and that just doesn’t work, but I don’t need a huge screen and a $800 GPS for my motorcycle. I’m just going to attach my little Legend Cx on a ram mount and be done with it. Good battery life, bright screen and small as a cell phone to put in my pocket when I stop.

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