Rene's CMG home

articles.jpgAs you likely well know, nothing at CMG goes fast, to plan or remotely how we had hoped it would be. Ask Rene Cormier who slogged his way around the world filing reports to CMG with a consistent, "don’t you think the series could do with its own homepage?"

It was a good point, but never quite got to the top of the to-do list, until now.

We’ve set up a dedicated page to the complete series of sixteen articles which can either be found directly through a dedicated address ( or via a new sticky that we have in the stickies section of the CMG homepage.

Dandy, now what’s next on the list … Ah, drink scotch. I think we can do that one right away.

Oh, and we’re still looking for more questions to ask Rene when Editor ‘arris interviews him in Edmonton at the weekend. For info on what we’re looking for please see here.

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