Freddie school closes


Reports have it that after more than a decade, Freddie Spencer’s famed riding/racing school in Las Vegas has suddenly shut down in a swirl of controversy.

Customers have lost deposits, instructors say they haven’t been paid "for months," and Honda has repossessed all the school bikes, according to, which quotes an unnamed instructor as saying, "It isn’t due to a lack of students, it’s due to mismanagement. Freddie owes everybody money."

Chief instructor Nick Ienatsch and long-time instructor Jeff Haney (who ended his time there last year), both declared that in spite of the problems they’d be delighted to work with Spencer again.

At, there’s a note confirming that the school has shut down: "Due to current economic conditions and drastically increasing costs, Freddie Spencer’s High Performance Riding School has ceased operations for the time being. We intend to resume classes if and when that becomes viable. We want to thank all of our sponsors and students who have made this school a possibility."

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