Cartoon to enlighten riders


Cartoons to educate riders

A cartoon designed to point out road hazards for motorcyclists has been developed in Europe.

Poor roads and obstructions on roads are a common hazard in European countries, so the motorcycle industry’s lobby group, ACEM, has developed a series of 13 cartoons, each dealing with a particular hazard faced by motorcyclists.

About eight per cent of motorcycle accidents are known to have been caused by some condition on the road, according to a large European study called the MAIDS report.

One episode of the new cartoon will be released each month.

We can’t wait. Oh, maybe we can …


  1. Hey Wait…

    Isn’t it the EU where it takes years of expensive training to get a license? And insurance rivals the purchase price of the vehicle?

    Cartoons should make light of all the problems we face… That way no one has to take it seriously.

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