Intermot wrap-up

Honda used the Intermot show in Germany to showcase their new V4 Concept Model. BMW launched their new K1300 streetbikes. But there’s also some other interesting stuff announced so here’s a quick wrap up of the ‘other bits’ at the Intermot:




BMW’s WSB contender superbike got its first public showing at Intermot alongside one of their signed riders, Troy Corsor (who will be riding alongside Spaniard Ruben Xaus).

The S1000RR is BMW’s all-new superbike and features a 1000cc inline four motor and a claimed wet weight under 205 Kg (452 lbs). The RR will come with traction control and ABS on production models.

Unfortunately more details on the bike were not forthcoming, but we expect to see the road going versions available sometime next spring, albeit in limited numbers.


gt1000_touring_lsf.jpgThe GT 1000 retro bike gets kitted out in touring trim with chrome fenders, a luggage rack, taller bars, windshield and a black paint job with a white stripe.

Okay, some might expect that to include some hard bags too, but apparently that’s not the Italian way of doing touring. No, just a chrome back-rack and a beautiful woman on the rear, si?


  1. Let’s see now… add a pair of Conti mufflers (for proper road music), a set of Krauser bags and a sheepskin for my aging butt! It’ll be just like my first 750GT!

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