New BMW K1300s

BMW have released information on their upgraded four cylinder K bikes; the S the R and the GT.


K1300S is the most powerful BMW to date.

All bikes have a larger 1293 cc motor (up 136 cc from the 1200) thanks to a longer stroke and larger bore. This ups the maximum power and torque figures but also gives a boost to low and mid-rpm figures as well. There’s been some internal changes to help the power boost as well as the introduction of a power valve in the new exhaust system on the S and R models.

Fuel is delivered by injection and, as per the K1200, the new motors still have the anti-knock sensors that allow for a lower grade of fuel to be used (as low as 95 RON). 

The chassis sports some upgrades such as using an alumininum part in the Duolever front suspension that saves a kilo of unsprung weight and a modified shaft drive. The brakes are still linked (front operates both front and back while the rear just operates the rear) and come with ABS as standard.


K1300R gets a new motor and style makeover.

Fancy new electronic options include ASC traction control to stop the rear wheel from spinning, ESA II electronic suspension control which now has 9 variations for the perfect set up and a quickshift gear changer that allows the rider to change gear with a button that momentarily interrupts the ignition and fueling. Oh, and you can also get optional tire pressure control.

The instruments have been changed too, using the set up that debuted on the HP2 Sport with display information for both the road and race track.

Finally, maybe one of the biggest changes in BMW can also be found on the new Ks, but I’ll leave BMW to explain:

"The formerly separated functions for the direction indicator lights left and right are now grouped in one and the same function on the left-hand side of the handlebar to avoid any confusion of the direction indicators and the horn."

Oh that’s big.



This is the sporty K model and gets a highly tuned motor with a claimed 175 hp coming in at 9.250 rpm – up 8 hp on the previous model but also coming in a whole 1000 rpm lower down the rev range. Max torque is up 7.5 ft-lb to 103 ft-lb, at 8,250 rpm. The overall result is the most powerful and fastest BMW to date – though top claimed speed is a cryptic "200 km/h+" (note the plus).

Seat height is 820 mm (32.3"), though for the vertically inferior there’s also a lower seat option of 790 mm (31.1").
Dry weight is a claimed 228 kg (503 lb) with ASC, ESA II and the quickshifter as available options.



The R is the stripped down version but retains the same engine specs as the S. There’s a new bikini fairing and body panels for a more aggressive look and because it has less plastic than the S, the claimed dry weight is 11 kilos lower at 217 kg (478 lbs). 

Otherwise it’s a naked S (with the same available trick options) save for a slightly narrower rear tire. Like the K1300S, seat height is 820 mm (32.3"), and also comes with a lower seat option of 790 mm (31.1").



The GT is the Grand Tourismo (that’s touring to me and you) and comes with a slightly detuned motor (160 hp and 99 ft-lb) over the other 1300s, but needless to say, it’s still a boost on the previous model. The bodywork has been reworked (thankfully) and now includes integrated fall-over protectors to save the side fairings in the event of a mishap.

As per the K1200GT, the bars can be adjusted up to 40 mm of range, the windshield can be raised or lowered via a switch on the bars, and the seat is adjustable from 820 mm to 840 mm (32.3-33.1") with a lower 800-820 mm option to boot.

Dry weight is a claimed 255 kg (562 lb). Options include heated seat and grips, cruise control, ASC, ESA II but not the quickshifter.

BMW Canada have yet to release pricing (expect that by the end of October) but the bikes will be available in Canada, getting their frst showing at the Toronto Motorcycle Show and arriving in dealerships in February 2009.


  1. So how come I never see this K bikes anywhere?
    Also hadn’t seen too many ZX14 or the new GSX1350R. The GT will probably sell OK while stealing sells from the R1200RT.
    Frankly, the 1.3L, 1.4L superbikes don’t make much sence, and who can afford the insurance?

  2. A REAL signal light switch at last!!!!! THANK YOU BMW FOR WAKING UP! Their current setup is utterly retarded in so many ways.

  3. A REAL turn signal switch? My God that’s not “news”, that’s headline feature news. I’d like to think somebody’s been listening to me all these years, but I know better …

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