Honda V4 concept at Intermot

honda-v4-concept-model_rsr.jpg honda-v4-concept-model_rsf.jpg
Honda have shown a rather radical looking V4 concept model at the Intermot show in Germany, called the … err … V4 Concept Model.

The bike is a celebration of 30 years of Honda’s use of the V-4 engine configuration and uses hubless wheels (though they have left some stylistic ones in there), fully enclosed wheels (presumably with some opening at the bottom for the tire to contact the road) and lots of plastic.

We’re not sure how the suspension is supposed to work, but then I guess you don’t have to worry about such trifling matters in the concept world.

According to a Honda rep, the V4 Concept Model could be in production in as little as two years.


They also chose the Intermot to show off their new CBF125F, which is like a stripped down version of the CBR125R only with an air-cooled motor and some CBF styling touches.

No word back from Honda Canada regarding either bike.

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