Old guys howl at Mosport


Bondo and Tate dicing at Mosport
Flair Photo

The Vintage Road Racing Association got lucky with the weather at Mosport last weekend, with perfect temperatures and sunny skies (well, except for Friday afternoon, when the last 10 minutes of the endurance race plus afternoon practice got washed out) contributing to what was certainly one of the biggest events in the club’s history.

While vintage racing doesn’t have a "feature event" as such, certainly the Period 4 F-1 bikes … the biggest, baddest, and newest machines in the paddock, basically late 1980s superbikes … create the horniest spectacle. 2006 club champion Scott Rupert (who also races as a Pro in both the Parts Canada Superbike and RACE series) took home the win in that race, and with 35 starters (plus three who didn’t make the grid due to various problems) the class has suddenly become one of the biggest out there.

Honestly, it’s getting to be like watching a Canadian national event in the Castrol big-money days in the 1985-90 period.

Brian Henderson continues to amaze, riding anything and everything he can get his hands on. Henderson was entered in six of the 10 finals, including four in a row late Sunday afternoon, and was in contention for the win in every race. You’ve got to shake your head; the guy is as enthusiastic as a puppy and talented enough to be a world-class racer (which he actually was, about 30 years ago).

He’s also very generous with his time; he gave me some advice on my "new" Yamaha FZ750 that turned it from an unmanageable and dangerous pig, to … well, a pig. But at least it was a rideable pig.

CMG people were well-represented, with me and Bondo plus Soapbox regular Richard Perrin on track, also CMG sponsor Ian McQueen of Wolf BMW. We all spent more time wrenching than riding, probably, but in the end we made most of our races.

The next and final event is in North Bay, at Jack Garland airport, September 6-7. Old guys on old bikes; you gotta love it.


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