Women's helmet



Harley-Davidson has introduced a helmet in open-face and shorty design specifically for women – with extra room for a curl or two in the do.

In helmet seminars at U.S. dealerships, Harley was frequently told by women that a helmet with more "front-to-back and side-to-side" adjustability would please female riders.

As a result, they’ve come up with the Skyline series, which features a 10 mm deeper shell and liner, interchangeable inner liner side panels (which can be purchased to fit), an anti-static liner to reduce helmet hair, and a ponytail notch in back.

Sounds like it might also do well with a lot of the aging pony-tailed boomers too.


  1. Why all the haters? You guys just don’t understand that HD riders are so incredibly talented, that if they DO crash (which of course, never, [i]ever[/i] happens), they are able to land directly on top of their heads, and somersault smoothly to their feet.
    Full-face helmets are only for those idiots who don’t know how to ride.
    The fingerless gloves are not for protection, they just make it easier to pick the bugs out of their teeth.

  2. Fashion before safety at “The Motor Company” as usual. Don’t forget the fingerless gloves, T-shirts, vests, and of course, assless chaps. Nothing like becoming an organ donor in style.

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