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Company: Suzuki

Models involved: GS500/F (’04-’07), GZ250 (’02-’07)

Problem: It appears that certain models fail to comply with the CMVSS 108 standard. What that means is that the headlight’s reflected light output isn’t up to snuff.

Consequence: You might not see so well at night or even be seen as well by others.

: If you have one of these bikes, go to your local dealer where you’ll be given a big bag of carrots. No you won’t, you’ll have your reflux reflector replaced (but it’s not as painful as it sounds).

Recall Number
: 2007361


  1. Its not the head light, its the rear reflex reflector.

    ” The reflex reflector has a reflected light output at some measurement angles that is less than the minimum output required by the standard.”

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