Cold enough for ya?


Trans-Labrador will be lots of fun at minus 40!

A Langford, B.C., motorcycle shop worker plans to ride across the
country and up one of the coldest roads on the east coast – in the
middle of winter.

Paul Mondor rode across the country last winter and plans to do it again in January, but he’ll add 1,500 km of Trans-Labrador Highway to the trip this time, according to an item in the Prince Albert Daily Herald.

The long-distance truck driver and motorcyclist once trained in cold-weather survival with the military, but he acknowledges that the Labrador ice highway in particular will be dangerous. He’ll ride a 650 BMW with a sidecar loaded with survival items.

Read more at or check out a CBC news report about his last trip here .


  1. Insert reality!

    First, it’s not an “iceway.” It’s a gravel road, snow-covered all winter – no “open ocean.” We drive back and forth all summer, without paddles.

    12-15m snow walls? Yes, we get snow, 17-20′ of all-natural snow – which we clear as required, same as Aspen or Vail.

    While we get low temps, -30 is average, though wind chill can push it lower. Riding makes it’s own wind, which is why most people don’t ride in February!

    No cell coverage for 500km, so we use province-provided sat phones. Started as a community program!

    See for the real deal.

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