Moto for the masses


Maybe she can help …

In India, where car and motorcycle
makers compete fiercely for customers, one company has developed what
they hope will give them an edge: a 100 cc motorcycle that can be
sold for 20,000 rupees. That’s less than $500 Cdn.

The Rock 100 features a four-stroke
motor, electronic start with additional kick starter, an aerodynamic
headlight, and “sporty indicators,” according to its
manufacturer, Global Automobiles, which already sells one of the
world’s cheapest motorcycles, the $925 Xpression 125, which is advertised with the titillating slogan "Can’t get off."

At about $493 Cdn, the Rock 100 is the
cheapest new motorcycle ever seen in India, and “will cater to
the requirement of the common people of our country,” said the
company chairman. In addition, the Rock 100 will get great mileage –
125 km per litre of fuel. The company offers a payment plan of about
$11.50 Cdn a month. They expect it to sell like curried hotcakes.

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