Cycle Canada a go-go

sm_cc_cover.jpgLC Media, the publishers of Cycle Canada magazine, secured the majority
of a creditors’ vote yesterday and so have survived the first round of
their fight against bankruptcy. There is still need to have the agreement
approved by a judge, but that decision is expected to be a formality.


  1. Oh jeez, and I just sent them a renewal saying “bill me”.

    I suppose if they don’t publish they can’t collect. THAT should convince them to keep going.

    I think it’s gone downhill but I would miss it if it vanished. Seems the glossier it got, the less relevant it became to me.

  2. I too subscribe….amd would sorely miss CC. Have subscribed for 20 years now. and do still have some of the old news paper format issues.

  3. It would be a shame to have Cycle Canada go the way of the Doo-Doo bird. I subscribe to both major Canadian cycle mags and I enjoy them both.Hopefully this is not a sign of the future for the motorcycle industry.

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