Bad cop, bad cop


"Would you like to accompany me to the police station?"

Two policemen who dragged an accused thief behind a motorcycle in India have been cleared of any wrongdoing.  Apparently, they were trying to save the man from an angry mob, who had tied him up and then attacked him for allegedly stealing a gold chain.

 “The police saved the life of Aurangzeb by reaching the spot [on time]. It was the public that beat him and tied him to the policeman’s motorcycle and even pushed it. The only fault of the police is that they started the motorcycle,” said an official, according to the Indian Express newspaper.

The man then fell off the motorcycle while being escorted away from his attackers. Rumours quickly spread that the accused thief had died after the fall, prompting another mob to attack a local police station in retaliation.

Thankfully the man has since recovered.

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