Oh, you knucklehead!


The time traveler deluxe.

Now, they do build them like they used to!

Old School Motorcycles is a new Vancouver area shop that builds motorcycles in the style of old Harley-Davidsons and Indian Chiefs, but with modern upgrades like electronic ignition and five- or six-speed gearboxes.

Owner Simone Sorriento says he did about 10 years of research before opening his business, currently located in New Westminster. He builds the bikes, using motors from U.S. suppliers like Custom Chrome and Flathead Power (now owned by S&S Cycle), and frames from V-Twin, and sells them in his Burnaby showroom (both are located just outside Vancouver, B.C.).

At the moment he has half a dozen models, including the Time Bandit Deluxe, the Time Traveller Bobber, and the Time Bandit Chief. Think Knucklehead motor, think springer front end, think 74-to-120 cubic inch motors that don’t leak and make real power, and you start to get the idea. Prices start at around $30,000.00.

They also sell locally-made clothing for motorcyclists. For more info, click on www.oldschoolmotorcycles.com or drop by the shop at 4347 Hastings Street in Burnaby.


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