Szoke and Moto GP?

sm_szoke.jpgParts Canada Superbike champion Jordan Szoke’s father told CMG the other day that Jordan would be in Valencia and was slated for a Monday test ride on Kawasaki’s Moto GP machine, with possible wild card rides in Moto GP or WSB in 2008/9!

Jordan’s double titles in Canada the last two years have made him the world’s most effective ZX-10 racer, and apparently the 2008 ZX-10 incorporates a lot of ideas he and the Canadian Kawasaki team have incorporated into their racers over the past couple of seasons.


  1. I’d like to say Jordan would be competitive on a GP bike, but he needs a few years in WSB or small CC GP before MotoGP. The guy is quick. There is a reason he is a champion. It would be good to see him in international level racing. Until that point, bashing him is unwarranted.

  2. Duhamel did exceptionally well! However, the bike was a disaster from Yamaha that year. Yamaha was a horrid bike handling with lots of ponies that was more than a handful. Despite where he finished in points does not reflect how well he rode and really how good he is. Szoke, thats just Kawasaki being nice!

  3. Mike Duff in the 60’s (with some success) and Miguel Duhamel in the early 90’s (with no success). That about covers Canadians racing in the top level of motorcycle racing. Jordan has no hope, besides, is he even allowed in the US yet?

  4. he’ll get his bass kicked.
    Duhamel rode a 212 at Leguna this year and stopped riding because (I seem to recall) ‘he wasn’t feeling it…’
    If Duhamel couldn’t ‘feel’ it and then can stomp on Szoke…
    Save Canada another embarassment.

  5. Yeah maybe but when has there been a Canadian riding Moto GP (anyone know)? I say go Jordan, if the bike’s any good he’s got a shot. Lookit Nicky Hayden – he got better after he got to Moto GP.

  6. Are the Yanks letting him into their country again? :grin Pretty hard to be in a World Championship and on the No Fly list at the same time!

  7. Szoke is a good Canadian rider. He is NOT a world-class rider.
    The chances of him getting a wildcard ride in MotoP is somewhere between slim and none.

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