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Video: The 2018 Dakar route, in detail

In about two weeks, the 2018 Dakar rally kicks off, starting in Peru this year. Here’s the rally’s video breakdown of the route.

If you’re into Dakar – and here at CMG, we’re very into Dakar – you’ll appreciate the detail in this video. It gives a pretty good breakdown of the stages, dividing them between specials (the timed parts) and the transport sections, which require riders (and drivers) to put long highway miles (these parts aren’t timed). The video also gives you a pretty good idea as to elevation changes and other terrain features that will impact the day-to-day grind.

What the video doesn’t show is the weather, which has been the greatest factor of all in recent years. Those flat desert sections are suddenly a lot more challenging when they’re filled with raging rivers, thanks to torrential rain. You can bet that this route laid out in the video will change at some point due to precipitation, but at least this gives you an idea of what to expect.

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  1. When I’m reminded of the Paris – Dakar Rally, I kick myself for losing an original jacket patch brought back from Africa for me. It must have been from the first year because I parted ways with the provider in early 1980.

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