Scott Redding signs with Aprilia

Photo: Octo Pramac

Scott Redding will be riding with the Gresini Aprilia MotoGP team in 2018.

Currently racing a Ducati for the Octo Pramac team, Redding raced for Go&Fun Gresini when he broke into MotoGP in 2014, and raced an Aprilia when he originally jumped from the Spanish CEV series into MotoGP’s 125 series in 2008. Last year, he finished 15th overall in the championship, with 74 points.

The good news for Redding is bad news for Sam Lowes, who’s currently filling the seat at at Gresini Aprilia. Lowes has been having a bummer of a year, but he’s not expected to drop out  of the series

One thought on “Scott Redding signs with Aprilia”

  1. Not unexpected bad news for Sam Lowes, as the axe was looming for quite a while. Good luck to Redding with Aprilia…he’s going to need a boatload of it.

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