Dunlop introduces new slick tire aimed at 600 cc sportbikes

Dunlop has introduced a new slick tire that’s designed for 600-class sport bikes, and that could be good news for CSBK racers.

This season, Canadian Superbike officials announced the Pro Sport Bike and Amateur Sport Bike classes could run slick tires on their 600s, instead of the DOT-spec tires previously supplied by series sponsor Dunlop.

Now, Asphalt & Rubber is reporting Dunlop has introduced a new slick aimed specifically at 600-class machines. The Dunlop KR451 tire is now available in the 180/60 R17 size, which should fit the wider rims of newer sport bikes. Previously, the KR451 was issued in the 180/55 R17 size. Dunlop claims improved performance and lower lap times; we’ll know for sure if it shows up in CSBK.

2 thoughts on “Dunlop introduces new slick tire aimed at 600 cc sportbikes”

  1. It would be nice to test a couple at the last couple of regionals but I wouldn’t expect them to be available this season. A more determined than me racer might grab some down south.

  2. Yeah. We won’t see that in Canada until next season. Dunlop Canada has their allotment of the 200/55R17 slicks for the Season and CSBK are not likely to change their Spec tire rules with only two race weekends left in the season.

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