Darren James returning to Daytona 200

The Daytona 200 runs this coming Sunday, and Darren James is the lone Canadian entry.

Why the lack of Canadian interest in the race? After all, it used to be an event dominated by Canucks. It’s likely because the Daytona 200 has seen a major slide in prestige in recent years; to some, it remains a quintessential American road race, with history dating back for many decades—but to others, it’s a sad shadow of the event it once was.

Now sanctioned by the American Sportbike Racing Association instead of the AMA, the Daytona 200 has been a supersport-only affair for a while, with no litrebikes allowed. That rules out some of CSBK’s top stars, as they’re BMW-mounted, and BMW doesn’t sell a 600-class machine.

More importantly, the economics of roadracing are perhaps dumpier than they’ve ever been, and when you add the unfavourable exchange rate on top of the already depressing numbers, it’s hard for most Canadian racers to justify the trip to Florida.

But, at least James is returning this year. James earned a respectable 10th last year, aboard a Yamaha 600. He’s back aboard a Yammie this year, under the Ruthless Racing banner

4 thoughts on “Darren James returning to Daytona 200”

    1. Well Duhamel has won the most races there I believe, Crevier has won I also I think. Picotte won in the twins class I think also.

      1. Miguel Duhamel is tied with Russell with 5 wins. Neither Crevier nor Picotte has ever won the 200. I don’t call that dominating and I don’t think you would either.

  1. Darren, bless your heart – hang it up.
    You rode one round in CSBK last season at Mosport.
    Don’t pull a Mike Taylor and end up really hurting yourself.
    Signed, a concerned fan.

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