Valentino Rossi is getting his own video game

Valentino Rossi may have finished second in the 2015 MotoGP championship, but he’s the one getting his own video game, not Jorge Lorenzo or Marc Marquez.

Debuting in 2016 for Playstation 4, XBox One, and Windows/STEAM, the game (logically titled “Valentino Rossi The Game”) will follow Rossi’s career all the way through MotoGP, from his early two-stroke days until now. And, it will also allow players to race rally cars as well, just like Rossi likes to do during the off-season. It also lets players hoon around at the Valentino Rossi Ranch (virtually, of course), even including Rossi’s famous flat track.

The game will include all the 2016 MotoGP grid as well. It’s published by Milestone, the company that’s made the last few MotoGP games, and will be available next June.

One thought on “Valentino Rossi is getting his own video game”

  1. All these games have had great graphics, but the sound is something out of 8-bit land and is the sole reason I’ve never bought them. Every release I look for the youtube videos and hope things have changed, but no. Instead, it sounds like something sampled from a 70’s wurlitzer organ.
    When this game makes the sound realistic enough that I’ll want to play it at full volume, I’ll buy. Presently it’s basically Crazy Frog.

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