Shineray starts production in Brazil

While they’re not very visible in North America, Chinese motorcycles are still slowly conquering the world. Except now, they’re not necessarily made in China.

Taking a page from Indian manufacturer Hero’s playbook (who recently announced they were starting a satellite factory in Africa), Chinese manufacturer Shineray has announced they plan to start building motorcycles in Brazil this March. They’ve invested a significant amount of money in a factory they reckon can crank out 150,000 bikes a year in the South American factory.

First and foremost, this is probably an attempt to circumnavigate Brazil’s notorious motorcycle import taxes. However, it opens other interesting possibilities; if new motorcycle factories are opened in the Americas, it’s possible that new interesting import options could open up. Could designed-in-China, manufactured-in-South-America motorcycles one day come into Canada? In today’s global market, anything is possible.

One thought on “Shineray starts production in Brazil”

  1. I think bikes manufacturer in China or other emerging markets have a lot of potential. They just need to have a company with a brand name stand behind them. As it is now, most of the Chinese bikes we get here are made by anonymous manufacturers and sold under disposable brand names, so the manufacturers and importers have little motivation to ensure they’re producing decent quality products, or to try and improve it. There’s nothing in particular about emerging markets that makes producing good quality product impossible – where they’re a will there’s a way. There just hasn’t been much will behind the ones we’ve gotten here so far.

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