Three-wheeler news: Lehman expanding, Polaris working on a trike

Lehman Trike
Lehman offers three-wheeled conversions for many different motorcycles.

Founded-in-Canada Lehman Trikes is continuing to develop new products, under new owner Champion.

U.S.-based Champion Trikes’ ownership bought Lehman last June (Lehman had moved production to the U.S. years ago), but they’ve kept the companies separate, and they’re both building up their U.S. lineup, as well as trying to break into the international market.

You can see some of Lehman’s new parts and accessories on their website here.

According to The Kneeslider, Polaris is also looking at entering the three-wheeler game. They’re filing for patents for a vehicle with two wheels in front and one in rear, similar to Can-Am’s Spyder series.

Polaris trike
The proposed Polaris trike is much less like a motorcycle than Can-Am’s Spyder. Photo: The Kneeeslider

Unlike the Spyders, though, this vehicle seats the passengers side-by-side, and has a steering wheel, instead of handlebars. The riders sit in the vehicle, not on the vehicle.

Of course, a patent application doesn’t mean this rig will ever come close to production. But, it’s another interesting development for Polaris, considering how busy they are already, with their reboot of the Indian brand, their ongoing production of Victory motorcycles and their partnership with electric bike builder Brammo.

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