Honda unveils new CTX700 models

2013 Honda CTX700N
Honda has announced a new range of motorcycles based around their 670 cc parallel twin. This is the CTX700N.
2013 Honda CTX700N
Honda has announced a new range of motorcycles based around their 670 cc parallel twin. This is the CTX700N.

Honda has announced their new CTX700 series of motorcycles, based on the same motor as the NC700 series. Here in Canada, we’re getting the CTX700T and the CTX700N.

2013 Honda CTX700
Honda’s CTX700T has a fairing and a windshield for a bagger look (although bags themselves are optional). Here in Canada,it will have ABS as standard, but no DCT option.

First up, the CTX700T combines bagger features (windscreen, fairing, but no actual bags – they’re accessories) with Honda’s 670 cc vertical twin motor from last year. The EFI has a 36 mm throttle body as well, same as last year.

The chassis has been revised to suit cruiser-style riding, though. The 41 mm front fork has 106 mm of travel, while the Pro-Link rear suspension has 109 mm of wheel travel (the NC700X had 152 mm and 228 mm of travel in front and rear, respectively). It’s almost as if they’ve given the NC700X the F6B treatment.

The CTX700T has a manual six-speed tranny, ABS and a low, low 719-mm (28.3 in) seat height. Optional accessories include a taller windscreen, heated grips, saddlebags, a backrest, a rear rack, an electric accessory plug, and a few other bits. The bike’s curb weight hasn’t been released. It’ll be available in red.

2013 Honda CTX700
Here’s the CTX700T with accessories added. In this guise, it looks like a decent tourer, if you don’t mind forward controls.

The new bike’s exhaust (same as the CTX700N) has power cruiser styling, and both the cruiser and bagger versions have forward controls. There’s a single 320 mm disc brake up front and in 240mm disc brake back on both models as well.

They have chain final drive, 120/70-17 tire in front and 160/60-17 tire in rear. Wheelbase is 153 cms, rake is 27.7 degrees. Like last year’s NC700X, they’ll have a storage compartment where the gas tank normally sits; it looks like the gas tank filler is underneath the seat, same as the NC series.

The N models are built on standard power cruiser lines; basically, they’re-stripped down versions of the CTX baggers, with what appears to be the same frame and seat, and sharing some bodywork. They have what appears to be the same accessory lineup as the CT700T, and ABS. Curb weight is 217 kg (428 lbs).

The CTX700N will be available in black in Canada.

2013 Honda CTX700N
Here’s the new Honda CTX700N. Basically, it’s a NC700 with power cruiser styling and chassis.

To confuse matters, these bikes are also available around the rest of the world, but with different options. Globally, the CTX700T is known as the CTX700, and doesn’t come with ABS as standard. It’s also available globally as the CTX700D, which is the same basic bike, with the addition of both ABS and a dual clutch transmission – riders can choose between auto shifting, or shifting themselves with paddle shifters

The CTX700N also doesn’t have ABS standard globally, and there is also a dual-clutch version of this bike (known as the CTX700ND) available, with ABS included.

This is a similar situation to last year, when the Canadian version of the NC700X had ABS as standard, but no DCT, while the cheaper U.S. version didn’t have standard ABS, but made it available as an option, as well as DCT, which didn’t make it to Canada. It seems Canada won’t get dual clutch versions of the CTX series, either.

It seems the US is getting these bikes this spring with a price tag around $7800 for the CTX700 ($8800 for the CTX700D) and $8000 for the CTX700N ($8000 for the CTX700ND). We haven’t heard anything about Canadian availability or pricing yet.


  1. I would love to ride a CTX700 with the DCT automatic transmission. I will looking for one when I in the USA.
    Why can’t Honda bring them into Canada ????

    • I know! I don’t understand why they don’t offer the CTX with the DCT and ABS here in Canada? They have the African Twin (off road bike beng offered into Canada n 2016, so why not just offer DCT as well?
      If you happen to hear that they are post it please! I’m waiting to spring too see if they do if not I’ll be going state side as well to get one.

  2. I welcome anyone with information on the availability of the CTX700 DCT ABS in Canada.
    I’m very interested in purchasing one, after trying the standard version this past weekend I want one! But definitely with DCT! I read Honda stands behind this new technology and feels the days of the standard bike is becoming a thing of the past. It just makes safer sense especially to the novice rider or all those scooter riders. It’s a perfect transition bike into the world of motorcycle riding.
    Anyone know anything?
    Honda any comments? I mean you are bringing in the twin with DCT into Canada, why not the CTX?

  3. Still waiting for small-to-mid-sized Automatic transmission motorcycles to make it to Canada.
    Why are companies dragging their asses on this?

  4. I drove a Toyota Corolla this week, most practical and boring car. A car for people who don’t like cars. I think Honda has just built three Corollas.

    • LOL. And it looks like Honda is using Givi VR type bags and they will space them out real far.” Does my ass look fat?” Yes honey. LOL

  5. These are interesting. At first viewing here, I do see something that is new… and kind of ….. maybe. The tail section is the only part that looks somewhat ill fitting. Still it is a new take/look for a street bike. Glad to see someone stepping in this direction.

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