Cleveland Cyclewerks update

Cleveland Cyclewerks isn't just planning on bringing choppers to Canada; they're also hoping to sell the vintage-styled Ace here, says their distributor.

Chinese-American Cleveland Cyclewerks will be selling their Ace and Misfit motorcycles in Canada, as well as the Heist, distributor Visionary Motorsports says.

The hard-tail, air-cooled Heist chopper may not be a technological marvel, but there seems to be lots of hype about it in the U.S. already.

Last December, we told you Cleveland Cyclewerks would be coming to Canada, but we didn’t know what bikes they’d be selling. Now, Neil Vanderkooi from Visionary has given us a few more details.

According to Vanderkooi, the old-school-styled Heist chopper (powered by a 250cc pushrod air-cooled engine derived from the Honda CG125) is en route to Canada right now, having passed its EPA testing. He figures the machine should be available by early June. MSRP will be $3,499, and the bike will come with a 12-month parts and labour warranty. It’s available in black or white.

CCW’s other bikes, the vintage-styled Ace and cafe-styled Misfit, are going through testing right now, in order for the government to allow them for sale in Canada. Once that’s done, Vanderkooi says those machines will both be available in Canada as well, hopefully sometime this summer. The unpredictable nature of testing makes it hard to guarantee a specific arrival date, though.

Visionary is also hoping the Misfit, CCW's cafe racer, will be here in 2012.

The Hooligun, CCW’s quarter-liter dual sport project, should also be available in Canada eventually, Vanderkooi says. He expects this will be a 2013 release, although it may become available in late 2012. Supposedly, CCW has been working hard to built a quality street-and-trail, and Vanderkooi says the results will be impressive.

Vanderkooi also says CCW is working on other prototype machines, and he expects the company to have a strong 2013 lineup.

You may or may not be familiar with Cleveland Cyclewerks’ story, but if not, here goes: Supposedly, founder Scott Colosimo wanted to found a U.S.-based motorcycle firm, but couldn’t find anyone to work with. He ended up traveling to China to find components for his motorcycles; now, his company buys their motorcycles’ components in China, and assembles the bikes in Cleveland.

It’s a unique business model, and it’ll be interesting to see how it works out. Alberta-based Visionary Motorsports is busy signing up dealers for the brand right now, across Canada.

3 thoughts on “Cleveland Cyclewerks update”

  1. it is too small…but its kinda dreams come true for those in Indonesia…where big bikes means big pile of shit (read: money)…. taxes so absurd only a corruptor can afford Harleys. too bad…

  2. I think a 125cc is a practical alternative to the run of the mill scooters.. BUT it is the Heist that catches my eye..

  3. really like the misfit styling but the displacement is too small. a 500cc bike would do nicely for more practical all round use.

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