A bike for the masses

Honda is hoping their 110cc Dream Yuga sells 300,000 units in India by the end of 2012.
Honda is hoping their 110cc Dream Yuga sells 300,000 units in India by the end of 2012.

Quick question: What’s Honda’s lowest-priced motorcycle?

The answer: the 110cc Dream Yuga, designed to sell for around $830 Canadian in the Indian motorcycle market.

We’ve been telling you the Indian motorcycle scene is booming, but completely different than anything we’ve seen, for some time now. The Dream Yuga is a prime example of that.

For instance, the machine features drum brakes fore and aft – it keeps the price down, but you’d never be able to sell that kind of technology here in North America.

The bike  is kickstart-only (the electric foot is optional), and runs through a four-speed transmission. That’s not such a big deal when you’re only putting out 8.5 bhp.

It’s not all cheapskate thrills, though; the bike does have adjustable preload for the rear suspension, and weighs 108 kg. Even better, Honda figures it can get almost 350 miles on a tank of gas.

And while the price is ridiculously low, Honda still figures they’ll make money on this machine – they’re planning to sell 300,000 bikes. That’s not in total, that’s by the end of 2012.


  1. My first bike was a Honda cj360, $895.00 brand new in 1976. A sweet little motorcycle that never gave me one ounce of trouble in all my NYC and interstate miles. It always started on the first or second (or was it 3rd or 4th) kick. Electric starters were for sissies. 

  2. Stick the electric foot on it and sell it for $1200-1500 bucks here and flood the cities with adds marketed  towards 16-25 year old and see how it sells. I grew up on small bikes with drum breaks, as did all my friends, we didn’t die a horrible death because we lacked a disk or two, we just learned to use both front and back at the same time, on a small machine, it will work.

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