No new Indian designs in 2012

They aren't exactly selling us 1934 models, but Polaris has said they'll be sticking to the current Indian designs for a while yet.

All you Indian Motorcycles fanboys are going to have to wait a little longer.

Hopes for revised 2012 models were high after Polaris bought the iconic motorcycle marque last spring. But according to reports on Cyril Huze’s blog, we won’t see any significant changes for a while yet.

On the blog, there’s a comment from Robert Pandya, external relations manager for Polaris. Huze had written about Indian’s 2012 lineup, and Pandya replied to say we wouldn’t see a drastically different Indian motorcycle for a while yet.

Saying his company wants to take the time to do things the right way, Pandya told Huze that “I would like to state clearly that it will be at least a couple (2) years from now before the introduction of anything significantly changed from the existing design, and most certainly will not be a 2013 year model when that happens. We do not want to raise expectations that we are either rushing the process or able to bend space and time to come to market that quickly.”

So there you have it – no new Indians any time soon. Of course, with the high-end prices these high-end cruisers are fetching now, you might need a couple years to save up anyway.

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  1. One thing that continues to bug me about the Indian revival and all the fake old paraphernalia, like the 1934 signage above, is that the original Indian company did not call their machines motorcycles, they were MOTOcycles, (no r).  Grrrrr.   While we’re at it, here’s hoping Polaris  brings back the Indian traditional left side of the handlebar throttle twist grip, (leaving the right hand free for the ole six shooter).   

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